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We all want to be happy. I want to be happy. You want to be happy. We all want to live with a full, balanced and productive life. Yet sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed with stress that a genuine sense of contentment and wellbeing can feel elusive.

If you’ve had moments in the last week or so of feeling over-taxed, over-reacting to small things, or just feeling like something’s missing from life…you’re in good company!

Each of us faces challenges and unexpected events in our lives – whether it’s the small daily hassles in our work and relationships, or the significant struggles that can stretch our ability to cope – what we all need is more resilience: the ability to persevere and adapt when faced with adversities and the skills to respond to life’s challenges with more confidence and grace.

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Most of us are not born resilient – we have to learn these skills somewhere along the way. And just like any other skill you have gained through your life – resilience can be learned.

The key to boosting resiliency is in the way we think. Because how we think about daily stress and challenges determines how we feel.

Things go wrong; people can be unpredictable; setbacks happen. Whether or not we get upset by these things, and the degree of our distress, depends fundamentally on the way that we think about them.

This is such an important point that it bears reapeating: our thoughts and beliefs about a challenging situation – rather than the situation itself – is what determines how we feel and how effectively we cope with the challenge at hand.

Our thinking affects how we feel about ourselves, about others and about life. It is our thinking which ultimately shapes our quality of life.

This is good news because while we may not be able to change other people or our life situation, we can change the way we think about them. And when we learn to think in a more balanced, accurate and flexible way, we can learn to feel less frazzled or upset, and more calm and confident when difficulties arise.

Understanding this changes everything! It enables us to navigate the inevitable bumps and turns of life more effectively. It enables us to keep learning and growing on a path that feels meaningful, true and empowered.

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