Stress Resilience and Happiness Workshop

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Imagine you could…

Overcome anxiety, stress and self-doubt

Reconnect with the calmest, strongest YOU

Rise confidently to meet any challenge you face

Live with more ease, effectiveness and joy

Stress Resilience & Happiness

A Transformative Weekend Course in Coffs Harbour

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Over 7 modules we bring together the latest research,

practical skills & proven tools for real and lasting change.


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What You’ll Learn

This comprehensive course teaches 7 powerful keys to stress-proof your brain, build resilience and take charge of your thoughts and feelings. Drawing on the latest research from neuro-science and mindfulness you’ll learn how to break free of unproductive patterns and live with more ease, effectiveness and joy.

Because you’re not here just to survive… you’re here to learn, love, grow and thrive!
This course shows you how.

  • Radically reduce stress, anxiety and worry
  • Shift emotional reactivity towards calm and clarity
  • Break free of self-sabotage and self-criticism
  • Develop deep self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Build stronger, more soulful and satisfying relationships
  • Vision and create a rich, vibrant, meaningful life

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Who Should Attend

For many of us life seems successful on the outside but inside we can’t shake that frazzled feeling that nothing we do is enough. Confusion in our direction, unresolved relationship issues, unexpected challenges at work or with our health can stretch our ability to cope.

When we feel overwhelmed by life in this way, many of us slip into unproductive patterns – self-doubt, self-criticism or self-sabotage – getting caught in a negative downward spiral and mistakenly thinking there must be something wrong with us…

If this sounds like you, be reassured… You’re not alone! And, most importantly – there’s definitely, absolutely, nothing wrong with You!  (awesome, wonderful You!) :-) These are the normal human struggles we all face at times… and the good news is that there is a way out!

This workshop is designed with you in heart and mind. It equips you with an empowering new mindset and skill-set to break free of the patterns that have held you back so you can reconnect with the highest within you and create a life that you genuinely love.

You’ll gain skills for mindfulness and self-compassion. You’ll learn how to take charge of your thoughts and feelings more positively and proactively. You’ll discover how to navigate any challenge you face with optimism, calm and confidence.

The tools you gain in this workshop are practical and effective. Simple skills that anyone can learn and develop, once you know how.

So… if you’ve had enough of feeling stuck or overwhelmed… If you’re ready to live with more ease, effectiveness and joy… this workshop is for you!

Think of it as your personal roadmap for creating your authentically awesome life :)
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Investment: $130 ~ or bring a friend for just $110 each
($220 together)
Includes comprehensive workbook, meditations and delicious morning tea

Venue: The Innovation Centre
Located in the Technology Park at CHEC (Coffs Harbour Education Campus),  363 Hogbin Drive.

The venue is a lovely welcoming space and the outlook is leafy green and lush.

Google map view here.

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Your Facilitator 

Georgie Cooke Transformational Counsellor & Coach

Georgie Cooke is a transformational life coach, counsellor, psychotherapist and naturopath who’s passionate about inspiring you for positive change.  She’s a dynamic presenter who’ll engage and empower you with real tools to create a life that you genuinely love.

What do other participants say?
“Thank you Georgie for such a down-to-earth seminar.  The insights you shared have inspired me to reconnect with me – to release the old struggle,  stuckness,  blame & guilt… and to know how to get back on track – stronger than before! … Amazing !” ~ Sandi D., Manager

Read what other happy program participants say here.

Stress Resilience & Happiness Seminar

Practical ~ Empowering ~ Transformative

Proven Tools and Skills for Resilience and Happiness



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