Transformational Coaching & Psychotherapy with Georgie Cooke – FAQs

Who do you work with?The people I work with are busy women, men and couples who simply know that more calm, clarity, peace and happiness is possible for them in life. These are the brave souls looking for real solutions to overcome the stress gremlins of anxiety, stuckness or overwhelm and be empowered to truly thrive in life.  As you’re reading this right now, I recon you’re in the brave soul camp!  Read on my friend… :)

What can I expect of the coaching and counselling process?

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Transformational Coaching & Counselling will provide you with a supportive and non-judgemental space to discuss whatever is most important to you.

Coaching is solution- (rather than problem) focused which means we won’t spend a lot of time trying to make sense of why things are the way that they are, we’ll be focusing more on ‘how can we do it differently now?’.

May aim is to create a space where you feel completely understood, yet one where you can start to imagine – and create – a life that is more fulfilling. I may challenge you from time to time. I’ll listen and empathise, but also help you to understand what gets in your way.

You’ll be asked questions that encourage you to think flexibly and to open up new possibilities. You’ll gain fresh perspectives and life-changing skills for personal change. You’ll also be guided through meditation and mindfulness practices – proven tools to deepen and strengthen your learning and transformation.

How are you different from other coaches and therapists?

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When you work with me you feel the difference of being supported and championed by someone with solid professional training who brings a broad scope of skills and a (refreshingly) big dose of passion, heart, insight and understanding to you and to our work together.

I have a 15 year background in meditation and mindfulness (which btw, completely changed my life, and which these days I love sharing with others); and over a decade’s experience in health and wellness including many years practicing as a Naturopath specialising in solutions for stress and stress-related health issues.

I love people, I love the human spirit, and I’m passionate about what it takes within each of us to turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones to more growth and fulfillment.

My approach is wholistic (which means we integrate the needs of your mind, body, heart and spirit into our sessions in a way that feels right for you) and – most importantly – brings real and lasting change where it matters most.

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I also offer tailored nutritional advice and professionally prescribed natural supplements for a whole-person approach to total wellbeing.  Understanding and taking care of our body’s needs is an important part of managing stress,  re-balancing mood, reducing fatigue and boosting vitality.  (And it’s another part of what I love to do)!

I had a session with you at the Quest for Life Foundation: Can I continue to have counselling sessions with you after the program? hearthandsYes absolutely. If you’ve seen me for a session on a Petrea King Quest for Life program and loved it, we can absolutely continue our work together.

I do many follow-up counselling sessions with program participants via phone or Skype and it’s a great way to integrate the life-changing insights you gained whilst on your Quest program.

Most people like the convenience of having skype or phone sessions from the comfort of their own home and find it’s just as deeply transformative as the face-to-face option.

So if you loved the wholistic approach of your session on the Quest for Life program, I’m here to offer that ongoing support as find your way through these challenging times towards true healing, wellbeing and peace.  Contact me today – I’d love to hear from you.

Is Skype coaching really as effective as face to face coaching?

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I was sceptical in the beginning too! It’s surprising how effective Skype or telephone coaching is. In fact it’s how I work with some of my own coaches / counsellors and I love it. In some cases, it’s actually a better model for coaching. It’s time efficient – you don’t have to travel or find parking; it’s very personal and interestingly, because you are really focused on listening, the conversations generally cut to the core of the issue pretty quickly. If you’re still in doubt, give it a try in an introductory session. You might be surprised.

Where do you see clients for in-person sessions? All sessions are at our beautiful premises at The Coffs Coast Wellbeing Centre – 89 West High St, Coffs Harbour (see goggle map view here). The rooms are welcoming, warm, professional and spacious – with plenty of natural sunlight and a lovely leafy outlook. A nurturing and confidential space to support your healing, growth and personal transformation.

How much does it cost?

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I believe good coaching and counselling speaks for itself, so with me there are no long-term contracts, just high quality sessions – you stay coaching & counselling with me for as long as you are getting outstanding value out of each and every session. Simple as that!

Sessions are 60 – 75 minutes.  Fees are $110 per session.

Our introductory offer is a great way to get started with some individualised support.

For a limited time only, enjoy $30 off your first session – which means you pay just $80 the first time you come, instead of the usual $110 fee.

(And btw, I would make the most of this unique first session offer – while it lasts!)

Contact me today, I’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have about the process, and take the next steps with you.

How many sessions should I have with you? A realistic time frame for achieving lasting change is 6 to 12 sessions for most people. Typically this happens over a period of 3 to 12 months, though sometimes clients like to stay for longer as the process of positive change deepens in all areas of your life. For other people a shorter time-frame is enough.

At any point during our work together, you’re always welcome to pause and come back to coaching and counselling later, as life circumstances change or you want a little top up again further down the track.

What kinds of classes and seminars do you offer?
I run regular Meditation and Mind Fitness classes and monthly seminars on Stress Resilience & Happiness.   These are a great support and add-on to your personal coaching for gaining new tools, insights and life-changing skills.  Find out more about our upcoming events here.

Do you also offer EQ (Emotional Intelligence) coaching for professionals?
relax1Yes indeed! In addition to the personal coaching service for individuals, I offer EQ coaching for leaders and teams within organisations.

Effective organisations understand that that investing in their people is key to sustaining peak performance and resilience in times of rapid change. Our EQ coaching programs equip leaders and teams with the practical and proven skills for creating an inspired and effective workplace.  Find out more about our EQ workplace coaching services here.

What are your ethical standards? I operate within the ethical standards set out by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

I am committed to providing a professional service with a guarantee of confidentiality. I will provide you with a Counselling & Coaching Agreement at the commencement of your work with me, outlining the terms of our work together.

Contact Georgie with any other questions you may have and to book in for your first session today!

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