Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are testimonials from past happy clients of Quantum LifeSkills.

Happy Clients: Life Coaching Success Stories

Turned my life around
“Georgie is a wonderful, caring person who has helped me turn my life around. She has taught me how to deal with my challenges and has helped me to become a better person. She is warm, generous and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help, guidance or clarity. Or just a little positivity! Georgie is professional but she really cares and feels for you. She teaches the best techniques to help you overcome your challenges and they work. Georgie is my angel!”
~ Joanna

It will be the best decision you could ever make for yourself
“Georgie is more than a Life coach, she is an incredibly empowering, inspiring and insightful woman who will take you on the most amazing journey inward. You will come out the other end grounded in your own empowerment, equipped with so much understanding, compassion, self-love and confidence.
Georgie is the most genuine, pure ray of light, and her guidance will lead you through any discomfort or fear into your highest, strongest self. Her ability to understand your unique, personal, journey and the old patterns that have inhibited you from reaching your greatest potential are absolutely spot on.
You are completely supported from the moment you connect with Georgie, and she will facilitate your growth in the most positive, resourceful, holistic and knowledgeable way, equipping you with everything you need to move forward in your life.
The idea of looking inward, taking responsibility for your life and seeking guidance from a Life coach can be daunting, however meeting with Georgie is like finding an old friend, both in her and in yourself. You will be comfortable in every way, and the tools, insights, wisdom and encouragement you receive will leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on anything. Georgie holds within her the most incredible gifts for healing and empowerment that I am so grateful for.
Anyone who has the opportunity to meet with Georgie will never look back. It will be the best decision you could make for yourself”
~ Bibi

It’s put the swing and spring back in my step
“Oh wow! I am on day 3 and feeling like a new girl. Fabulous to be free of all that poop and working on something really positive and empowering instead of doubt and poop. It’s put the swing and spring back in the step. Such a relief 🙂 Love your work miss G! Thanks xoxoxoxo”
~ Sam, Business Owner

I feel true heart opening
“Hi Georgie, thank you so much for being the gentle support that my heart needs. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel as though my heart is broken open that someone has been able to stay with me in the place that I can’t stay with myself. I feel it was such a profound experience, and that I touched a place of myself that was so starved of that type of acknowledgement and affection.
I’m learning to trust that this time will pass and to have the courage for maitri – self acceptance and love.Thank you so much. I feel true gratitude and heart opening”
~ Jen, Tech Manager

I can now chase my dreams in a practical, realistic and empowered way
“Having Georgie as my Life Coach has provided me with the tools to really make change in my life. I found our sessions insightful, challenging, action focused and targeted to what really needed to shift in terms of my mind set in order to meet my goals. Georgie’s ability to ask the right questions, call me out on excuses and constantly encourage and energise me has been fantastic. I walked away from each session feeling like I had really learnt something new, and even through it may have taken weeks to put things into practice, the lessons I’ve learnt have changed the way I deal with negativity, enhanced my desire for creativity and innovation, and delivered the ability to really chase my dreams in a practical, realistic and empowered way. I can’t thank Georgie enough for the time that we’ve shared. I see so many more possibilities and now feel like I have the drive and am equipped to achieve them!”
~ Suzie, Consultant

Sessions bring real and lasting change
“I had several sessions with Georgie Cooke during a very challenging period of my life, and the effect was extraordinary. Georgie’s sessions bring real and lasting change because she never proposes or implies that she herself is imparting some sort of miracle cure, rather she will work with you to rekindle your own awareness that you hold the tools and the keys to bring about your own healing, joy and empowerment. She gently guided me through conversations and exercises that put me back in touch with myself so that I myself could walk back towards a positive, happy life. Her work is not a magic wand or happiness pill, it’s better because not only did her approach guide me through stormy waters, but gave me tools and reminders so that I can feel confident about my capacity to weather the next storm. Georgie’s work is also tremendously helpful for those the times when we are sailing in calm waters, reminding me to shine my light or live my truth for the benefit of myself, my loved ones, and the world. Georgie is awesome, and I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend her to all”.
~ Geoffrey, Ethicist and Lecturer

Life finally seems to flow rather than be a struggle
“I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their life or move beyond their limitations to see Georgie. She creates a warm and relaxed space where you feel comfortable to work through whatever you need to. My life has moved forward in every area since I’ve been seeing her. I am more emotionally stable, grounded and now achieving things I once thought impossible. Life finally seems to flow along rather than be a struggle. I honestly cannot thank her enough!”
~ Jen

A great way to make fast and real progress
“I’ve really enjoyed working with Georgie this year. I have found the way she’s constantly forward-looking in our sessions such a great way to make fast and real progress in my life. Her guidance to find new ways to deal with situations, break old habits, and equip me to proactively and immediately start acting differently at negative times has been really helpful. It definitely feels a lot more empowering to focus on a positive future than previous counselling sessions which have focused on rehashing past events. Georgie is really genuine and supportive.”
~ Haylee

Now able to enjoy being the person I came here to be
“With Georgie’s fantastic support and guidance I have disposed of any doubts I had in my own ability to achieve my goals and removed mental blocks that prevented me from succeeding. I’ve been able to identify unproductive patterns in relationships with others – and most importantly myself – and move beyond the cycle of day to cay existence. Georgie helped me to release any fears that had held me back and drop old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve me. I’m now able to enjoy being the person I am here to be – full of potential, confidence, love, motivation and inspiration. I love the re-connection I have made with myself and the unlimited opportunities life presents!”
~ Karyn, HR Manager

Showing me how to open up the possibilities
“Hi Georgie! Thank you for your wonderful help in our session. I feel… optimistic! Visualisation is an incredible tool. I was really there. Really. The experience remains with me but doesn’t define or restrict me, indeed it liberates me. For this I’m eternally grateful to you for showing me how to open up the possibilities”.
~ Christina, Visual Artist

Better able to cope with my stressors
“Dear Georgie, Thank you for showing me a better way to live. The tools you’ve given me have made my life calmer, happier and healthier. I can now cope with those everyday stressors soooo much more easily. Thanks Georgie – so worth it!”
~ Simone, Working Mum

If you want to break a habit…
“Hey Georgie! I wanted to write you a quick testimonial, because that fingernail business is amazing! I had been biting my fingernails my whole life. It was an unconscious habit that I could not stop myself doing, one that I couldn’t break with will power alone. Enter Georgie. 15 minutes later, the desire to bite my nails is gone! If you want to break a habit, see Georgie. She has the secret sauce! Thank you so much!”
~ Dave, Project Manager

A peace and calm which is priceless
“When I first saw Georgie I felt that no-one could help me and my confidence and trust in life was at an all time low. I had tried everything to lift myself out of it – to no avail. Now, my outlook has completely changed. I have more confidence in myself and I am trusting in life again. Over several sessions we were able to get to the heart of the problem and the freedom I now feel is beyond words. Georgie truly has a gift to pass on – she has given me an overall sense of peace and calm which is priceless xxx”
~ Susie, Teacher

Life changing sessions
“When in a very difficult place, I had profound and life changing sessions with Georgie. Her gentleness helped me feel so safe and this allowed for much needed change to happen so easily. I highly recommend her to anybody seeking personal transformation.”
~ Lynne, Teacher

Set me on a clear path to my life purpose
“I am deeply grateful I found Georgie, I just so look forward to our weekly meditation session – as it grounds, balances & rejuvenates me on every level. The meditation space that Georgie offers is a safe, warm comfortable place to grow & expand. I have experienced insights, awareness & understanding into myself and into Life itself.
I have also had some Life Coaching sessions with Georgie: They were deeply insightful, nurturing, and helped to set me on a clear path to attaining my life purpose. Thank goodness for Georgie!”
~ Ros, Business Owner

The results have been amazing
“These sessions have been so beneficial! I feel a lot happier with myself and I’m amazed with what I’m now able to do. I’ve learned relaxation tools, how to shift out of negativity into a more positive frame of mind and how to value myself. I’ve replaced the diet of sugary carbohydrates with healthier choices, and I”m so much more confident in who I am. The results have been amazing.”
~ Amanda, Uni Student

Happy Clients: Workshop Testimonials

“Thanks so much Georgie for the wonderful workshop you gave yesterday, it was truly inspiring. I had some incredible ‘Ah ha’ moments, and I think I finally understand how to make the changes I’ve been wanting and needing all this time.”
~ Sharna, Business Owner

“What a great atmosphere for growth you created Georgie! You are a fabulous facilitator and great communicator – knowledgeable, natural, inclusive and compassionate. Your approach proves there is so much elegance in simplicity. I’m coming away with a lot more to work with than I had even anticipated!”
~ Michelle, Teacher

“What amazing tools on offer, the content was practical and real. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for new skills and perspectives to change your life for the better.”
~ Alan, Accountant

“I loved the whole thing and the time completely flew! I enjoyed the discussions and the practical tips… It really inspired me to remember how to listen to myself and my choices aligned with my highest intentions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
~ Sadharana, Trainer

“This workshop has reminded me to respect and trust myself at a much deeper level, and to listen to my own heart. I’m going to be practicing a new response to stressful events, and retraining my brain as I do it! I’ve learned so many new things as well as feel more secure in the previous understanding I had. I’m excited at the new possibilities!”
~ Julie F, Therapist

“Thank you Georgie for such a down-to-earth seminar.  The insights you shared have inspired me to reconnect with me – to release the old struggle of blame & guilt… and to know how to get back on track – stronger than before! … Amazing !”
~ Sandi, Manager

“Awesome Seminar Georgie. You shared SO much knowledge and ideas and tips in such an accessible way. The wealth of experience you have was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend it to EVERYBODY”.
~ Jenny, Adult Educator