Stuck or overwhelmed?

Overtaxed and overwhelmed? Stuck in a negative rut? Long for more clarity, peace and happiness?  Transformational Coaching empowers you for real and lasting change. Gain the support and skills you need to move on from set-backs, overcome anxiety, reconnect with your inner joy. Find that much needed head-space (and heart-space) as you  meet life's challenges with confidence and grace...

Life stressing you out?

Are the stress gremlins getting the better of you?   Would you love a more balanced and stronger YOU? In this life-changing seminar we bring together practical skills and proven tools to build resilience and create authentic happiness from the inside out.  You are not here just to survive... You are here to learn, love, grow and thrive.  This program shows you how...

Mind full of frazzle?

Does  your mind have a habit of running the show in a not-so-helpful way? Our meditation classes are designed for busy people who want to calm their mind on demand.  It teaches you to be less reactive to things that used to upset you, which promotes greater clarity of thought, better decision-making, as well as empathy, compassion and self-compassion...

Results you can expect with Transformational Life Coaching

Results you can expect

Overcome anxiety and ditch the inner critic

  • Rise confidently to meet life’s challenges
  • Deepen important relationships – with yourself and others
  • Understand what’s been holding you back and get unstuck!
  • Gain empowering new tools and life-changing skills
  • Move forward with clarity, purpose and joy
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Do you know the real cause of stress, and how to overcome it?

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Upcoming Events

Stress Resilience & Happiness Seminar

Transform Your Life… And Thrive!!! 


mountain sunrise counselling life coaching coffs harbour

  • Move on from set-backs, stress and self-doubt

  • Approach life with new confidence and optimism 

  • Gain life skills for living powerfully in the Now

  • Create a more balanced and stronger YOU

Proven Tools and Skills for Resilience and Happiness

Next Seminar Date in Coffs Harbour

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October 2016

9.30am – 1pm each day

Contact Georgie to find out more and book your place!  

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Meditation and Mindfulness

…For Busy People… 

Optimise Your Mind!! 

water dropcounselling life coaching coffs harbour

Weekly Classes at the Jetty & in  Sawtell

Wednesday 5.15pm at the Jetty

Wednesday 9.30am in Sawtell


  • Become more present, peaceful and effective
  • Reduce stress reactivity and regulate emotions
  • Approach life with a clear mind and an open heart
  • Cultivate calm, contentment and joy

Contact Georgie to find out more and confirm your place this week.

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Success Stories

I can now chase my dreams in a practical, realistic and empowered way.
    Having Georgie as my Life Coach has provided me with the tools to really make change in my life. I found our sessions insightful, challenging, and targeted to what really needed to shift in my mind-set in order to meet my goals. I’ve changed the way I deal with negativity and I now chase my dreams in a practical, realistic and empowered way.
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Suzie C., Consultant
Sessions bring real and lasting change
    I had several sessions with Georgie during a very challenging period of my life, and the effect was extraordinary. She gently guided me through conversations and exercises that put me back in touch with myself so I could re-build a more positive and happy life.  I wholeheartedly recommend Georgie to anyone seeking personal transformation.
Geoffrey W., Ethicist and Lecturer
Now able to enjoy being the person I came here to be
    Georgie helped me to release any fears that had held me back and drop old beliefs and attitudes that no longer served me. I’m now able to enjoy being the person I am here to be – full of potential, confidence, love, motivation and inspiration. I love the re-connection I have made with myself and the unlimited opportunities life presents!
Karyn M., HR Manager